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The Boston University's Technology & Innovation Scholarship Program (TISP) recruits and trains undergraduate engineers to act as mentors for the surrounding community's younger generation of students.


TISP members are sent to lead hands-on activities in local, underprivileged schools to broaden and build the pipeline from K-12 students into engineering.

Since its inception in 2011, TISP has:

  - Reached over 24,000 K-12 students in 27 states and 9 countries

  - Mentored 35 high school FIRST robotics teams

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Taught topics ranging from fuel cells, wind turbines, fiber optics, drug delivery, and coding through simple, engaging activities with applications tied back to the real-world.

Served as a FIRST robotics mentor at St. Joseph's Prep, evaluating design choices, providing building techniques, and supporting the team at the final competition.

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Presented at my previous high school for three consecutive winters, sharing my experience as an undergraduate engineer and offering insight towards a successful mindset during their transition to college.

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