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Effortless stride transitions and
smooth foot landings, gathering inspiration from the shock-absorbing anatomy of a woodpecker's beak.


In 2022 On triathlete Gustav Iden not only won first at the

Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii but also
broke the previous course record by over ten minutes.
The World Athletic regulated shoe stack height at 40mm yet this rule
didn’t apply to full-distance Ironman events...until after this race.

With a time of 2:36:15, Iden also broke the course’s marathon record,
and as of Jan 1, 2023 Iden’s championship winning supershoes
would be considered banned under the new regulations.


The all-round bold silhouette of Gustav's rule-changing, championship winning shoe
serves as a major inspiration for this Floating Cirrus concept shoe
—along with another small detail.

The cloud units at the forefoot seem to ‘float’ just above the rest of the midsole.

Exploring this gap along with the cloud’s configuration could provide
an added element of impact dampening and directional deceleration.