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A collaboration with
Zellerfeld Shoe Company to revolutionize the footwear industry.
A printed pair on every foot.

PRENTIS is a study of organic forms and adaptive patterns.

A time capture of smooth structural motion and layered undulations.

This piece comes as a representative of computational design
and messenger for the matured evolution of 3D-printed footwear.

Just as stones unfold ripples in water, this design reimagines the interaction of interfering waves.

Rather than simply crossing paths, these oscillations are now given plasticity,
pushing against each other and forming distinct trails of flowing ridges.

The position and weight of these 'stones' are controllable and the nature of their ripples definable.
In this approach, structure is no longer final but holds retraceable history of infinite configurations.

Though its appearance is fixed, Prentis is unbounded in evolution and carries a universe of forms.