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Envisioning the future of performance

DM Dual Diamond Runner.119.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.119.jpg

An exploration of geometric manipulation


DM Dual Diamond Runner.119.jpg
single phase.PNG
dual phase.PNG
double single phase.PNG
double dual.PNG
single phase gif.gif
dual phase gif.gif
double single phase gif.gif
double dual phase gif.gif

Triply Periodic Minimal Surface (TPMS):

a crystalline structure repeated in three-dimensions,

spanning the smallest possible area of its given boundary.

Diamond TPMS: 

A surface formed from the summation of trigonometric 'sin' and cos' curves

Diamond = sin(x)sin(y)sin(z)+sin(x)cos(y)cos(z)+cos(x)sin(y)cos(z)+cos(x)sin(y)cos(z)

DM Dual Diamond Runner.108.37.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.108.24.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.108.6.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.108.1.jpg
diamond unitcell gif.gif

Mechanical Benefit of Diamond Structures:

Compressive, bending-dominated geometry

Uniform stress distribution

Structural lightweighting

Vibrational Damping

Phase Transitions: manipulation of internal architecture

Controllability over the transition and nature of

open spaces (air) with solid surfaces (wall)

Allows for variations in weight, compressibility, and regional stiffness

Single Phase

Dual Phase

Double Single Phase

Double Dual Phase

dual rotated field.PNG
ntop midsole transparent.png

Dual Diamond Running Midsole

Grid of air pores across the center of the midsole for cushioning and rebound

Top and bottom regions thicker for greater support and durability

DM Dual Diamond Runner.unit cell.122.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.unit cell.120.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.114.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.121.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.123.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.110.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.135.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.109.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.115.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.134.jpg
Double Dual 2.0 field.PNG
DM Dual Diamond Runner.120.jpg
dual phase field side.PNG

Field Map Texturing

Field Map: A 2D-representation of the structure at a single layer

Purple       solid portion

Blue        empty space

Upper and Outsole patterned with the 'field map' of the diamond structure

transpoarent upper.png
outsole transparent.png
DM Dual Diamond Runner.125.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.132.jpg
Explosion GIF.gif
DM Dual Diamond Runner.unit cell.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.129.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.128.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.130.jpg
DM Dual Diamond Runner.127.jpg
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LR Edit-20.jpg

The potential for 3D-printed structures to outperform traditional foam models

surely exists and is only yet to realized

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